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With so many online loans available it can sometimes be confusing deciding which one is right you.  Basically online loans allow the banks to come to you instead of the other way around.  Online loans are a way of letting all the banks and lenders know that you are in the market for a loan.  Online Loans allow you to screen the various lenders form the ease and convenience of your home using your personal computer.  Many companies out there act as online loan lead generators for the different lenders.  This definitely has a big advantage for you the consumer.  These companies tend to match you needs and background with the right lender.  Instead of you going from bank to bank, online loans virtually brings the banks to you! 

You might be saying to yourself, "this sounds ridiculous! I know what type of loan I need!"  Well the truth is that applying for loans online is completely different from going into the bank and applying.  It is very important to read carefully what it is you are applying for.  If you are someone who has horrible credit and needs only a small loan, then applying for a personal loan is not going to work.  A lender will not issue an unsecured personal loan to someone with bad credit.  It just doesn’t make sense for them!  A payday cash advance loan would be best for a person in this situation. 

That last example may sound easy for you to figure out, but if you are still reading this article then I assume it didn’t fill your needs.  So you have good credit and need a loan under $15,000.  Are you a home owner?  If so, a home equity line of credit would be better for you then a traditional personal loan.  Interest rates for HELOCs will be lower then they would for a personal online loan.  If you are not a home owner and have good credit then obviously your best bet is to apply for a personal loan online.

The trickiest area for homeowners when borrowing money is deciding which type of loan to take.  You really have to analyze your own situation.  Are you just trying to get cash out?  Can you afford to make additional payments each month?  HELOC, second mortgage, or refinance, which one?  Taking out a HELOC is the simplest because you will not have to pay "points" but it will also increase your monthly cash outflow.  Refinancing with cash out may be a good option, but be sure to pay attention to loan specifics.  If you are currently in a 30 year loan and are in your 15th year then obviously it does not make sense to refinance the entire mortgage.  If this is your situation then a second mortgage or a HELOC would be right for you.

When dealing with all the online loan options available just use common sense.  Read the fine print, understand the terms and conditions, and ask questions.  Remember it is your money and never feel pressured into any situation!


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