Credit Cards


Credit Cards for Good and Excellent Credit


·         Credit cards for people with high credit scores and give rewards back to the consumer.

·         These credit cards tend to have no annual fees and much lower interest rates.


Credit Cards for Bad or Problem Credit


·         Credit cards that offer a way for people with low credit scores to build their credit back up.

·         They tend to have high rates and fees but will help you get your scores back up.


Student Credit Cards


·         These credit cards are great to help students establish credit.

·         They tend to have low limits but help to establish good credit histories.


Business Credit Cards


·         Ideal credit cards for any business looking to take a small loan or credit line.

·         They tend to offer businesses many perks and incentives for using these cards.


Prepaid Credit Cards


·         These cards are for those with no credit and no bank account.

·         People can still use a card for purchases even though they don't have a bank account.


There are so many different credit card offers you run across on any search of the web, yet with all these offers one may still find it difficult to qualify for any card.  Often times one person will not get a response on an application and will then go out and apply for another card and then another card, and so on and so on.  Little does the person know that after the first application, it gets harder and harder to qualify as each application you make will take a negative hit on your credit.  Every time a creditor looks at your credit report it lowers your credit score, making it difficult to qualify in the future.

So what is the solution?  It is important to know where your credit and your needs are to ensure that you are only applying for the card you will actually qualify for.  There are so many credit card categories to ensure that each applicant will have a pretty good shot at qualify and getting a card.  Obviously if you have bad credit, applying for prime credit cards is not smart, as you will never qualify.  And the same goes for the other way around; if you have excellent credit you are not going to apply for sub prime credit cards, as the interest rate and annual fees will be higher then you need to pay.   

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