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Since 1995 the mission of has been to help customers learn about credit and find the right service for their situation.

Applying for a loan, credit card or debt assistance program though is easy. Their secure online forms match your application details with the best provider.

Secured Personal Loan


·         This type of personal loan has collateral or assets, like a home, backing it.  This means the lender assumes much less risk then they would with a payday loan or an unsecured personal loan.  As a result, a secured personal loan tends to offer lower interest rates for borrowers.


Unsecured Personal Loan


·         This is a personal loan with no collateral.  Unsecured personal loans have no assets backing them up.  Basically the creditor is lending you money based heavily on your credit rating from your credit report.  Interest rates on unsecured personal loans can have a very wide range depending on your credit history.


Cash advance and payday loans


·         An emergency cash advance and a payday loan is the same thing.  You are getting a loan based on future income you will receive form an upcoming payday.  Taking a cash advance is recommended for emergency situations only.  It is not advised to make this a common habit as the interest rates associated with payday loans are extremely high. 


An online personal loan can come in handy for many various reasons.  Taking out an online personal loan can settle outstanding debt, give you access to cash for an emergency, or consolidate high interest credit card debt.  Whatever the reason is, more and more people are trying to get personal loans, yet more people fail to know what they are actually applying for.  True, personal loan options and terms can be confusing, but it really doesn’t have to be!

Here, online loans and credit tries to clarify the various types of personal loans as well as compare a few different lenders you will find on the internet.  We explain what a secured personal loan and an unsecured personal loan offer.  We also take a closer look at a few lenders you will run into on the internet in the online personal loan space.  We compared what set their application and process apart from the rest of the lenders.  We compared the ease with which one can complete the application, along with the manner and time it takes to inform someone if they qualified or not for the personal loan they applied for. 


Choosing the Right Online Personal Loan

An online personal loan can be perfect for getting some cash for an upcoming vacation, consolidating outstanding credit card debt, or getting some much needed emergency cash.  Personal loans allow you to get anywhere from $100 up to $15,000 while making one easy monthly payment.  Personal loans come in three different types; unsecured personal loans, secured personal loans, and cash advance payday loans.

Choosing the right online personal loan for you depends on one simple factor:  How much money do you need?  If you need under $1500 and plan to pay it back when your next check comes then a payday loan is for you.  While the interest rates will be higher this loan is simple because it will not affect your credit score and you pay it back as soon as your next check is deposited into your account. 



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