Online loans and credit was created as a way to educate and advise people on the wide range of online loan and credit offers you find across the web.  This site offers advice, suggestions, and clarifies common terms related with personal loans and credit.  Since bad credit is a common problem facing many Americans, we even offer solutions for those with bad credit histories.  The following sections go more in depth into various areas dealing with online loans and credit; personal loans, payday loans, auto loans, home loan, debt counseling, credit cards, and credit reports.  I hope helps answer all of your personal finance questions! 

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Common Online Loans

With so many online loans available it sometimes be confusing deciding which one is right you.  Basically online loans allow the banks to come to you instead of the other way around.  Online loans are a way of letting all the banks and lenders know that you are in the market for a loan.  Online loans allow you to screen the various lenders form the ease and convince of your home using your personal computer..... 

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Understanding Credit Reports

A credit report can often times be confusing and over whelming.  Understanding a credit report can be down right frustrating.  The fact is that a credit report plays so much importance when trying to take out a loan, buy a new house, a new car, or even a cell phone.  Understanding a credit report...

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So many credit cards, which is right for me?

Applying for the right credit card can be difficult and burdensome.  With so many credit cards out there picking the right one can be tricky because you want to be sure you will qualify.  Every time you apply for a credit card, your credit report takes a hit.  So while credit cards can have their benefits, they can also have their pitfalls.  Most banks separate their credit cards.......

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Auto loans and lenders

Auto loans come in a few different ways.  Some typical auto loans you may have heard about are private auto financing and dealership financing.  These are two different ways one can go about qualifying for auto loans.  While private auto financing and dealership financing are 2 completely different things, ultimately they both allow you to do the same thing; buy a new car.

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Choosing the right personal loans

Personal loans are perfect for getting cash for an upcoming vacation, consolidating outstanding credit card debt, or getting some much needed emergency cash.  Personal loans allow you to get anywhere from $100 up to $15,000 while making one easy monthly payment.  Personal loans come in three different types; unsecured personal loans, secured personal loans, and cash advance payday loans...

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The right debt counseling advisors

Debt counseling can be a difficult, stressful, and frustrating process for anyone.  Just understanding what debt counseling means can be difficult all in itself!  Debt counseling is a term thrown out all too often.  What exactly is debt counseling?  With so many debt related terms out there it is often normal to get them all mixed up.  Debt counseling encompasses all the terms you might hear. 

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Home loan industry's recent problems

You may have heard the recent trouble you friends or family have had trying to get a home loan.  I am sure you have heard all about the home loan industry's problem this past year.  Even if you were not in the home loan market yourself, chances are it will affect you one way or another.  Everyone who has applied for a home loan in the past year will feel the results of what has happened in the industry.

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I have bad credit.  Can I still get a loan?

Bad credit is something many people have to deal with, weather they know they have bad credit or not.  A common problem facing many Americans is failing to qualify for loans because they have such bad credit.  America is a debtor nation.  Our economy is based on the borrowing and lending of money.  This is the backbone that fuels our economy; unfortunately some people are unable to deal with the burden of debt and fail to make their payments on time.  This leads to all the bad credit problems you hear about facing our nation’s borrowers. 

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